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Its always strange sitting down and writing about yourself so i'll just keep this short. I am a red blooded American of Irish decent who grew up in the Upper Delaware River Valley located in Upstate New York. Served my country proudly as a US Marine with "StoneWall" 2/8. I left the Corps to take a job as a US Gov't Security Contractor at the US Mission to the United Nations. Sometime after 09/11 I transferred to Hawaii and have called it home ever since. Now growing up in the country at a very early age I took interest in everything firearms. Starting with mainly hunting to customizing what ever firearm I had at the time. Now it wasn't until 1997 when a fellow Marine put a Glock in my hand that I was first introduced into the world of polymer pistols. At that moment the gears started turning I immediately saw it as a blank slate that could be improved upon. Now It took a while after moving out here to the island's but soon i found my self once again delving into hunting, firearm repair and modification's.  As most of these stories go, It started small and as my craftsmanship rose so did the work load. As of 2014 I started to concentrate on striker fire & polymer pistols or as some of us like to call them the "Plastic Fantastics". I strive everyday to put out the very best quality work. I love to create and having this opportunity is an honor. I look forward to working with you. 

Ever Forward, Never Back

Owner J.Doherty Koko Head Range

Hawaii's own ROOKWORX is a veteran owned 01 FFL Custom Shop that offers comprehensive professional builds & firearm customizations that are individually tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you own a firearm for hunting, competition, personal defense or carry as part of a MIL/ LEO organization our time honored experience and uncompromising standards raises the bar on the industries status quo. Hard-use tools offering a level of refinement to pure savagery that can be trusted to take punishment in the worst conditions with unyielding performance. #RookCustom #Google #Glock #Hawaii #Cerakote